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By michaelcumming (registered) - website | Posted April 22, 2010 at 12:58:12

I'm in complete agreement with the incentive/disincentive argument. I look forward to the day when an electric train sweeps my family along to Toronto as we peer down upon the happy retirees who are bicycling the same route using their velomobiles on a manicured system of bicycle paths. I fully expect the Golden Triangle will look like West Holland quite soon. In Holland the disincentives to driving are substantial - as you soon learn after your first 120 euro tank fill-up, or road-tax payment.

What is required is that politicians and other opinion leaders create an environment in which such obvious remedies to problems like traffic congestion (e.g. congestion charges) are possible to propose and implement - despite the predictable 'the world as we know it is coming to end' hysterical counter-reaction. This 'way of life' has been with us for a relatively short time. This dominion was not founded on the promise of unsustainable transportation policies.

Sustainable policy and design requires a political vision that doesn't crumple at the first sign of opposition. Of course some people are going to scream bloody murder when these incentive/disincentive schemes are broached. This should be a clue to politicians that they may be onto something truly innovative and responsible.

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