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By Mark Harrington (anonymous) | Posted April 22, 2010 at 14:31:44

First I want to apologise for being inflamitory in regard to the "lies of ommission" part of my previous comment. That was uncalled for.

What was presented at the April 7th public meeting was:
The bike lanes would completely eliminate parking on North side of the steet, so all parking would be moved to the South side where the fire hydrants are, so the fire hydrants would be moved to the North side where there would be no parking.

I suppose in the stictest sense that's moving fire hydrants to preserve parking, but do diconnect that part of the plan from the bike lanes, as is now being suggested, is too much of a stetch to be considered reasonable in my book.

All on a quiet, calm, safe, street with no need for bike lanes in the first place.

To be quite honest I feel(not trying to inflame, this is how I FEEL) like a special interest group is trying to use tax dollars to shove something down my throat that I neither want nor need. I have 5 children 10 and under,(soon it'll be 6) and live on a block bordered by Queendsdale. I see Queensdale as totally bike-safe - a good street for my children to practice the rules of the road, which they need to know - there will never be bike lanes everywhere.

I do not support bike lanes as a promotional tool for a special-interest group, on a street where they're not needed and add no value.

I would be in support of bike lanes on streets that need them (and there are lots), where they would truly add to safety and access.

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