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By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 22, 2010 at 16:16:18

My view is the same as others who've posted earlier, put the bike lanes where they're needed most and make them continuous first then move on to other streets. Perhaps then it won't be possible to state (on a factual basis) that bike lanes don't work and we won't have to use anecdotal evidence from other cities to support the installation of bike lanes across the city. Ryan and should learn to work together rather than continually point out why the other person is wrong. Adrian's sort of right and so is Ryan. Perhaps focusing on a common goal rather than each other might amount to something more than arguments... - Frank

I Agree with both points Frank.

One of the messages I as a bicycle commuter received from the bike lanes that went in on Sterling a few years ago quite surprised me: the message was "you are traffic." Before the bike lanes went down, I blithely ran stop signs on Sterling. Why? I guess because I saw myself as contending with traffic, not being part of it. The bike lanes made me feel part of the official traffic and I felt compelled to start acting that way. - moylek

Good point moylek

I do not support bike lanes as a promotional tool for a special-interest group, on a street where they're not needed and add no value.

I would be in support of bike lanes on streets that need them (and there are lots), where they would truly add to safety and access. - Mark Harrington

This is where the streets need to be picked carefully. Where do we REALLY need bike lanes or paths, let's build those now. Arguing over every single stretch of bike lane down some quiet side street is just going to delay this process unnecessarily.

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