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By jason (registered) | Posted April 22, 2010 at 19:55:08

yes, you're right about the horrible planning (I'm hoping that every planner involved in stuff like this and the King/Main/403 fiasco has never found another planning job). Portland has one-ways downtown and they move ultra slow. Lights are timed in that city too - to turn RED if you happen to hit one green. It's virtually impossible to hit 2 greens in a row. Both sides are lined with street parking (the entire block, not with huge gaps of 'no stopping' like we have here) and lots of trees and most importantly, VERY wide sidewalks. Wider than Hamilton's widest.

Part of the problem unique to Hamilton though is the fact that we only have 3 streets connecting the city to westdale. If all 3 were two-way, it would give people more options and easier access into that part of the city. Same goes for downtown. We have a narrow downtown. It's hilarious when there is an accident on King and you sit there not moving an inch while Main St, one block over, has entire minutes without a single car driving by before the next 30 second wave. If everything was two-way, it would be easier for driving, easier for transit and easier for cycling in our narrow downtown.

This isn't NYC. We don't need one way streets. Period.

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