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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted April 23, 2010 at 07:52:36

Notes Jason ...

Part of the problem unique to Hamilton though is the fact that we only have 3 streets connecting the city to westdale.

Main,King and ... Aberdeen? But even Aberdeen crosses Main, so I would argue for only two and that those two, as you suggest, really count as one and that's absurd: only one way into Westdale and Dundas from downtown (without going up the mountain and back down via Ancaster or Flamborough).

Once upon a time, there were more ways in and out of the West end: York Street went down below the bridges and then up either Longwood or Paradise (not sure which); Main and King went both ways, and there was the rail line into Ainslie Wood (same route as the current CN, maybe?).

But now that we have only one road coming in, it had better be a big road. And since there is a big, (one-way) road, why, we don't need any more roads!

Now I'm not suggesting we reconnect Longwood to York Blvd or drop a causeway from Dundas over Cootes Paradise, but I would like to see us ease away from these roaring expressways which fragment neighbourhoods and bleed blight from their margins (just look around the next time you drive Main West between the 403 and the ravine down into Dundas). There are other options.

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