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By Brandon (registered) | Posted April 25, 2010 at 21:36:18

Cyclists are legally entitled to be on the road. If you don't like that, get the law changed.

The reason bike lanes are needed is that too many drivers share your view that bikes are there specifically to obstruct them and thus threaten the cyclists. Another reason is that many people who would cycle otherwise are terrified of cars and will never take the lane when they need to, thus making their ride more dangerous.

As long as drivers continue to be ignorant of the law regarding bikes bike lanes will be needed.

The problem with riding on the sidewalk is that drivers assume everything moving there is moving at a walking pace, which means that when they turn into a driveway they look in the areas that a walking pedestrian would likely be in to determine that it's clear, they don't look for a cyclist, which is why intersections are so dangerous. Same thing with rollerbladers and skateboarders.

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