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By Cal (anonymous) | Posted April 26, 2010 at 09:17:46

At the risk of cross posting...

The Mayor's notion of Clean and Green, is betrayed by the support for transport trucks trumping the quality of life of every day people. I live on Fruitland Rd; a road that is residential and yet, is riddled by THOUSANDS of transport trucks, on a daily basis, thundering down the road 24/7. This, despite the fact that the city previously told people who bought properties on this road, or chose to remain on Fruitland, that the road would become a cul de sac and that a by-pass would be built to stream truck traffic away from the daily lives of people.

The truck study, is shameful, devoid of any sensitivity to enviromental and human concerns, and makes a mockery of Mayor Eisenberger's "clean and green" vision. It's impossible to believe in "clean and green" when you're choking on transport truck fumes all day in your "residential neighbourhood", where property frontages are assailed by truck traffic. Councillors Pearson and Mitchell, have made it clear by their actions, inactions, resistance and conduct, that they are not sympathetic to everyday people on this issue, tipping their hands as to where their loyalties lie.

Hamilton will never be a progressive city if it it allows Transport Trucks to run through residential areas. Mayor Eisenberger needs to show some leadership and not leave people to languish. This will be a defining moment for The Mayor.

Ryan- thank-you for hosting this topic. It's a critical one.

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