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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted April 26, 2010 at 11:48:37

The King/Main corridor is a sad necessity

That's no different from what the Chamber is saying. Gosh, livable neighborhoods would be nice and all but it's more important for folks to easily drive through the city. In other words, drivers are more important than residents.


I live downtown and I've suffered enough. I almost got run over last week just trying to cross my own street to get to the store by some jerk gunning it to get through the next light and get back on the Green Wave of timed lights.

Does making our streets two way, breaking the Green Wave and widening sidewalks mean its harder to drive through the city. TOO BAD. Damn it, it SHOULD be hard to drive through the city. I live and work in Hamilton and I'm tired of paying the price for a region that told people it's okay to buy a house in the middle of nowhere and drive.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I'm tired of living and working here, paying my taxes and being a second class citizen in my own neighborhood!

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