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By Jarod (registered) | Posted April 26, 2010 at 12:20:59

Kinda makes me wonder if the Mayor's support for the stadium location was just a fluke, or an attempt to distract from a future poor choice.

As I've said a few times before, I've sat through my introductory transportation classes (I'm not continuing on to be a transportation engineer lest I gain the wrath of you lovely people) and the attitude even in such a basic class is a tone that kinda makes me sad.

It is really very simple. The question was asked "how many people have ridden the bus in the last year?", and, in a room of about 150+ there was maybe six hands (mine included). Then, the professor asked, "how many people drive on a daily basis to anywhere they're going?" and nearly the rest raised their hands.

(this was in the middle of a public transportation module)

What would have been a good opportunity to teach people a different option, or at least explain how to make things better, it was glossed over and became an HSR bashing session.

I've spoken with that teacher. Argued with that teacher. Argued with people in the class. It's clear that it's not just the transportation engineers that want traffic moving fast. There is a large majority of people who think being able to move through this city without having to stop is a good thing. In fact, the notion of changing it is sacrilege to them.

There's a lie out there that a lot of people believe, or don't know they believe. They've bought into a system of convenience (in more ways than just transportation) rather than investing and understanding a variety of concepts. The people (omit yourself from "the people" ...preaching to the choir here) are happily ignorant regarding issues that might affect them, for any number of reasons. And, unfortunately, unwilling to learn if it means adapting to change or that comfort (even if only temporarily) might be sacrificed. There's little image of long term.

If ignorance were bliss, shouldn't this city and its officials be elated?

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