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By Jarod (registered) | Posted April 26, 2010 at 12:30:45

I'm becoming a Civil Engineer. I find transportation engineering interesting. And there's something in me, that when we got into these arguments that made me feel like I could take on a room full of people (on logic alone...mainly because of you kind people who have helped me to understand some or many of the underlying issues). The problem is, I know that it would drain my soul. There are transportation engineers out there that are just like me, maybe better and more informed than I am.

There are large forces at work in regards to this topic (especially in Hamilton) and I know that reports are one thing, but if the city doesn't like what you present, they'll find another source do do the work that they DO want to see. It would be heart wrenching to go through years of work knowing what SHOULD and COULD be done, but for lack of a strong political backbone and other forces (including city dwellers who haven't had the opportunity to learn and grow)would never actually come to fruition. And that's depressing, knowing that before you even start.

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