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By cPan (anonymous) | Posted April 26, 2010 at 16:22:18

I don't think people are saying the world's better/ relationships are better -- the world has just changed because of what's possible. Articles like this don't mean much to me and the kids I know-- "just pick up the phone" when not one of us has landlines (why pay for a new number every time you move?) and cell numbers change but facebook profiles stay in place; "just go talk to your friends face to face" when there's no way of knowing where they are unless you text them (or they've told you via fb, etc.) and they're likely in another city/province/country but are still dear and still have things to share. I love letters, I still send them, but if I want to have a conversation with someone I can choose to do that, too, and just as cheaply. I sincerely doubt that quality of relationships have suffered or the meaning of friendship is lost (give us a LITTLE credit; also know that one word can have more than one meaning in different contexts)-- I will give you that technology has allowed us to not be big planners.

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