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By Brandon (registered) | Posted April 26, 2010 at 21:38:59

Smitty, here's the problem: You're forgetting that bikes are already fully legal on the roads. You're the one with the quest to push bikes onto the sidewalks.

I already pay costs to use the roads due to the fact that I'm a licensed driver with a car. If I use my bike, I'm subsidizing your usage of the roads!

You missed the point about the number of cyclists and accident ratios: The more cyclists there are, the fewer bike accidents there are as more drivers become accustomed to their presence and begin to look for them. Bike lanes take up little space on the road but they provide a clear notice to drivers such as yourself that they are entitled to be there. You want a benefit? The more bikes there are the less cars there are, which leads to less congestion, letting you get to where you want to get with fewer delays.

Bike lanes are the future, like it or not. You can keep tilting at windmills if you like to get them onto the sidewalks, but it's a losing battle.

Drive safe!

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