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By thompsmr (registered) | Posted April 30, 2010 at 09:09:04

Could it be that all this massive amount of "fact-based evidence" still requires a moral framing? That yes, you can post away sites/forums and get the virtual masses behind you, that's great. Could it also be that the minds of the voters arent always keen to "objective reasoning from evidence" and even the readers/editors of this site can often act on "irrational or untested assumptions" too?

Here's how George Lakoff described the collapse of the progressive movement over the last two decades:

"You will think that all you need to do is give people the facts and the figures and they will reach the right conclusion. You will think that all you need to do is point out where their interests lie, and they will act politically to maximize them.

you will believe that if you ask people what their interests are, they will be aware of them and will tell you, and will vote on it. You will not have any need to appeal to emotion--indeed, to do so would be wrong. You will not have to speak of values; facts and figures will suffice. You will not have to change people's brains; their reason should be enough.

You will not have to frame the facts; they will speak for themselves. You just have to get the facts to them...Your opponents are not bad people; they just need to see the light. Those who won't vote your way are mostly just ignorant; they need to be told the facts"

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