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By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 30, 2010 at 15:44:14

Thanks for that info Kiely. I did a bit of reading last night about emissions standards to find out what Tier 4 means; the requirements are indeed quite aggressive. I hope the technology does continue to improve, concurrently with, but also independently of, policy. - mikeonthemountain

No problem Mike. It is interesting to follow. I meet with some engine manufacturers and it is always interesting to hear what they have to say about the Tier standards. They do worry about them and voice concern about their abilities to meet them. Current standards are very aggressive but what needs to happen now is (as you mention) a policy from government to eliminate the old "black smoke" fleets. A particulate/ exhaust gas emissions screening program similar to Drive Clean, only stricter, would be a good start.

I am a believer in technology and its abilities to change our lives (for both better and worse unfortunately). In this context, I think we can affect positive change by changing the technologies we support and invest in, this is often easier than the "lifestyle" changes that would be required to see equal positive impact because the lifestyle changes can be highly contentious and harder to implement. The new technologies are there, sure some are more flushed out than others, but they need to be supported in their infancy in order to make it.

The way things are going, eliminating fossil fuels from the bulk of our transportation needs may come easier than public transit for the masses.

It scares me to actually witness firsthand what this does to people. At least we don't live in Hong Kong ... if it's this bad here imagine living under the Asian brown cloud!! - mikeonthemountain

Yep, I've been to a few Chinese industrial cities where you could almost chew and certainly taste the air.

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