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By frank (registered) | Posted May 03, 2010 at 12:32:25

Putting all your eggs in any one basket is hardly good planning. One way would leave no ring roads and at the same time reduce overall lane capacity and the other way (current way) is to just keep adding lane capacity. There are problems with both... There is a happy middle ground. I wouldn't say thank God for building the RHVP, I would say that it's somewhat of a necessary evil however the location of it isn't ideal. Assuming for the ideal is possible is like chasing after perpetual motion here on earth. There will have to be compromise on both ends of the spectrum in order for the majority to be satisfied.

Blame for exhaust related illnesses isn't restricted to local politicians or planners either. A large portion of the blame falls on industry, specifically an automotive industry that refused to develop alternative means of propulsion at the behest of the oil industry. And taking it even closer to home... the blame doesn't rest solely on others - it also rests on ourselves. We drive industry and the associated planning based on what we buy, how we use what we buy etc! A balanced approach includes the individual, all levels of government and industry itself to create a future that's more friendly to everyone.

A methodical well-researched approach to transportation needs to be undertaken however what seems to be happening is exactly what shouldn't be... status quo development. "It's worked in the past so it'll work now"...and while we say that we forget that in the past (i.e. the 50s) we didn't know things like asthma and other respiratory illnesses could be linked to exhaust fumes.

I don't categorically approve or disapprove of the RHVP, there are good and bad things about it but I do categorically disapprove of the planning methods that continue to hurt Hamilton's image and the people who live in it.

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