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By frank (registered) | Posted May 04, 2010 at 09:34:59

Donald your first question has been answered ad nauseum on other threads here but for your sake I'll respond briefly here: Bike lanes that are not continuous don't get used because they don't go from anywhere to anywhere...that'd be why they're not heavily traveled. If you research cities that have complete cycling networks you'll find that they're heavily used.

IF you're genuinely concerned about riders in the country and not throwing up some insane argument to cloud the waters of what could otherwise be a coherent debate then perhaps you could do a little bit of research in the drivers handbook regarding cycling-you'll find that they have just as much right to be on any road as a vehicle does and can take up a full lane if they so desire. At the same time take a look at the reasons cyclists use country roads (less vehicular traffic means a more leisurely ride). Finally if you take a gander at the speed limits on those roads you will find that they are nearly all set at 50 and that means when you're flying along at 80 because it's "empty" and you come upon a cyclist all of a sudden, if you hit them it's hardly an accident... I've driven many country roads, heck I grew up in the country and have absolutely no complaints about cyclists on back roads. I also don't recall hearing of any accidents on country roads involving cyclists yet there are an insane amount of them in built-up urban areas... Hence the need for bike lanes.

Get it yet?

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