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By Kiely (registered) | Posted May 04, 2010 at 14:53:04

I'd love to go to a meeting about a proposed road - say, to a new subdivision being planned - and object to the road on the grounds that drivers almost never stop at stop signs and frequently change lanes without signaling, and that a certain road that isn't connected to any other roads has no cars on it. - Ryan

That made me laugh Ryan… good one.

The only truly successful long-term strategy is a strategy that stands on principle, argues from clear evidence and relentlessly chips away at irrational and misinformed arguments against following the correct course. - Ryan

I see your point here Ryan and I certainly do not want to speak against people with ideals speaking out for their ideals, that is essential. But sometimes when things are moving in the wrong direction (i.e., socially destructive activities are increasing) or are stagnant (i.e., nothing is happening at all) you want to achieve any movement in a more positive direction, it doesn't have to be a complete shift to the ideas/ideals of one side. It can be a compromise or "middle ground" decision that shifts the momentum back towards a positive social impact and once that movement begins hopefully inertia takes over and bigger and better ideas can be implemented. A good example is the bike lanes… spray on ones are not ideal, dedicated ones would be better but if we do the easy/cheap spray on lanes and they have a positive impact than hopefully dedicated ones can be implemented in the future. This "compromise" begins to shift the city from car-centric to at least bike friendly (or maybe just neutral???).

It doesn't have to be winner take all and sometimes you have to pick your battles to win the war. Bike lanes may not be the best example here, but many grander societal change initiatives took decades and centuries of small victories before the original goal was achieved. I would say more positive changes have occurred that way than the drastic (and often bloody) swings in a society's morals, politics, behaviour, etc...

But that doesn't take anything away from what you say above, behind it all you need people doing exactly what you said, I will not deny that.

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