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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 12, 2010 at 11:45:58

Brandon said,

"what's the difference between one cyclist taking up the lane and thirty cyclists taking up the lane? What if it was a convoy of farming equipment?"

There is a huge difference, moreover it's very rare that you will see, "a convoy of farming equipment" most farmers are well aware of traffic issues and rarely will you see a convoy a convoy of farming equipment without a space of a 1/2 mile between them. Secondly there is some logistics to accommodating such considering; without such you may not be having your breakfast.

Frank said,"At the same time take a look at the reasons cyclists use country roads (less vehicular traffic means a more leisurely ride). The optimum word is "leisurely" with 4 to 5 cyclists abreast socializing, wandering across the center lane and many times not paying attention to oncoming traffic.

What I am suggesting is cycling in single line and if and when you want to spend time socializing find a good spot and get off the road. At the present tome many of these clubs that are socializing as they do while cycling is paramount to driving while using cell phones and may be more dangerous.

It won't be long before I have a series of pictures demonstrating cyclists failing to stop at stop signs, filing to use left turn signals, and on and on...

More importantly I though that this was a board to discuss these issues but from what I see it rather where if your agenda is questioned you simply vote out those who are not necessarily in opposition but who demonstrated cracks in the ongoing debate.

Cycling it not going to take over the world but the facts are there is a place and or the should be a place for such but it all must be accomplished in a realistic safe manner that compliments all other modes of transportation. If you are too narrow minded to see that...when and if cycling increases and maybe tomorrow a price will be paid. Have a good day.

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