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By z jones (registered) | Posted May 12, 2010 at 14:58:24

Cycling it not going to take over the world but the facts are there is a place and or the should be a place for such but it all must be accomplished in a realistic safe manner that compliments all other modes of transportation.

Yeah, people who oppose cycling always say "there should be a place" for cycling - and when pushed on that place, every single real place where cyclists ride bikes isn't it.

The "place" for cycling is between where cyclists are and where cyclists want to go.

If you're so narrow minded to see that cyclists also have a right to the road (see, we don't want the whole thing, just a safe slice of it - it's drivers who want the whole thing to themselves) that you issue veiled threats to cyclists "if cycling increases", you probably shouldn't be allowed to have a drivers licence at all.

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