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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 12, 2010 at 18:54:52

z jones said,

"If you're so narrow minded to see that cyclists also have a right to the road (see, we don't want the whole thing, just a safe slice of it - it's drivers who want the whole thing to themselves) that you issue veiled threats to cyclists "if cycling increases", you probably shouldn't be allowed to have a drivers license at all.

That's exactly what I am saying, "just a safe slice of it" but I do have a license been driving for over 45 years never hit a cyclist, neither have I been involved or caused a major accident in this or any other province or country. Having said that I have paid my share of road taxes including taxes that are involved with trucks and autos.

To add to a previous statement I have also done my share of cycling..interesting you make interpretations that,"you, meaning me, issue veiled threats to cyclists which is not the facts...but rather safety for all who use our roads and for that we all need to understand that there is a code to which all adhere to, in order to prevent kayos on our roads and streets.

I find it interesting how interpretations,

"Yeah, people who oppose cycling always say "there should be a place" for cycling - and when pushed on that place, every single real place where cyclists ride bikes isn't it."

are generated to suit the writer but the facts are nothing of the sort was stated or implied. Perhaps taking a look at how Kitchener/ Waterloo manages to incorporate the use of the horse and buggy, in the Mennonite community might be helpful. True enough issues arose but discussions and common sense prevailed with common standards under the highway traffic act were satisfied to accommodate all that included cyclists. Most who have driven in that area do well to accommodate each other without the attitude of"you probably shouldn't be allowed to have a drivers license at all" or perhaps the question that should be examined is, do you have a cyclist plated, license with insurance? Just a thought....have great Day!

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