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By jackson square dance (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2010 at 00:18:37

west harbour is not downtown. it will destroy the residential area and render it useless for generations if a stadium is built there. king and james is downtown. bay and cannon is downtown, the propesed stadium location is quite a hike from downtown hamilton. lower city yes, the core, miles away. take a walk from king and james sometime to the rheem plant and see what i mean.

get it through your heads people. there just isn't the economic pressure to link the types of built up areas a downtown stadium would need to act as a catalyst to growth. if things are too spread out people wont fill in the gaps.

i don't oppose a stadium downtown, i oppose a stadium in the west harbour area. it would be like putting a stadium in the beaches area of toronto and calling it "downtown"

this site is depressingly random when it comes to what its proponents think is good planning. just because a stadium out by the airport is a bad idea doesn't mean the next slightly less worse site is ideal. i am sure we can figure out somewhere better.

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