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By Keith Mann (registered) - website | Posted May 19, 2010 at 09:54:19

I find the arguments presented in the article to be weak. There's no actual evidence presented that wildlife will be disrupted, that the impact on rainwater drainage will be significantly negative, or that the maintenance costs will be borne by entirely by the community and not offset by revenues. Each of these points needs to be addressed, certainly, but they're open questions, not necessarily flaws. As for the availability of play fields: I think it's reasonable to ask that new fields be built in other locations to replace those lost to the velodrome.

The one point to which I can agree is that public consultation should be part of the process. Overall, though, the article doesn't persuade me that a velodrome in Olympic Sports Park (which is a _sports_ park, after all) is necessarily a bad idea. I think we need more information.

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