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By justthink (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2010 at 14:51:50

Seems to me that there has been a 'long time between drinks'. I am no 'expert', yet as I understand the Pan Am Games were officially granted in NOVEMBER 2009!!!! It is now almost JUNE 2010!!!!
And here we are discussing a site, deciding to appoint a 'facilitator' so that the key stakeholders have the opportunity to have input into a site etc etc.... I totally agree that 'all people' in an area where there is a proposal to build any facility should be consulted and I am sure that will occur, community input is important to ensure that lifestyle & development has a balance.

I am all for the environment, and if there is proof that building a facility on a Sports & Recreation site will be detremental then that must be evaluated on the Facts presented.

I am also all for having top class facilities,lets remember that this facility is a Recreation facility, its main reason for being after the Pan-Am Games is to encourage people to ride and maybe race bicycles. It is not a speedway, it is not a motorbike trail, it is a facility that will encourage more people to actually be echo friendly and ride a bike to the shops and not drive their car, whether it be a BMW or an old bomb!

The Pan Am Games will come and go, the Velodrome will not, wherever the facility is built,the residents in the area will be proud to be associated with a World Class facility that will put the area on the "World Map"!

I am also sure the small business owners in the "area" will be very appreciative of the economical impact this facility will have to their businesses, I think they will have positive input when the Community Consultation begins, this is about balance for everybody!!!!

A legacy must be left behind after Pan Am that will develop & encourage active lifestyles, now that has to be good for OUR environment... Lets look at the Big Picture, not our own little picture people!!!!

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