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By jelly's campaign manager (anonymous) | Posted May 20, 2010 at 21:32:50

calm down matt.

i too read a bit of nimbyism in this article and i am very sympathetic to the cause of removing trucks from downtown residential/commercial streets. and i'm not talking about local delivery vehicles, i'm talking transport trucks heading through town.

there are SO MANY nice streets in this fair city ruined by truck traffic. i'm not going to bother naming any because anyone who has spent any time here will know of a half dozen in their area.

and this is my point. this is a lower city wide problem. traffic takes precedent over people every day. there is a warped idea at city hall that vehicles travelling across town as fast as possible will attract new life to the city.

so, jen dawson, while i agree that there should be limited truck traffic on your street i also think there should be limited truck traffic on my street, and on matt's street and on jason's street, and we should be supporting more than just one exception to the rule, we should be rallying to change the rule itself. make a poster proclaiming that and it will be up in front of every house in the city.

brought o you by the campaign to elect Matthew T. Bartholomew Jelly

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