Comment 40989

By jelly's barber (anonymous) | Posted May 20, 2010 at 22:48:22

oh, but wait... if we just limit the truck traffic from dundurn north instead of trying to change the truck route system as a whole, doesn't that mean the trucks will still travel in the same directions and just take other, less restrictive streets, making their truck traffic problems worse?

yes, suzie, it will.

but what about all the children who live on those streets? what about all the little children who live at 44 queen street north?

oh honey, they live in a high rise apartment building, they don't count. it's not "street level residential" if you don't own a proper house you don't deserve truck free streets, don't you remember the christmas play they put on at your school?

well, i suppose so. but why, mom?

because they are poor honey, and they always get shit upon, and if we don't teach you that you might end up like them.

the end.

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