Comment 41004

By jelly's brain trust (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2010 at 00:02:31

peace in?
really? why be like that? i have a different idea as to how to solve the problem, and i wholeheartedly agree that it is a HUGE problem, trust me, i rant daily about trucks on city streets, and you automatically assume that i want to put children in harm's way? seriously? i call bullshit, peace IN. seriously. these are not tools we use to engage people in honest open debate to try and reach understanding of each others positions. it alienates and creates camps, sides and dogma. lay off dude. try understanding my point and responding in an intelligent way respecting the time and thought i have put into my comments. instead you reach for apparently the only tool in your chest, name calling. very mature. other than your widows and orphans point and your dislike for anyone who has any ideas different from the herd why do you think my ideas are incorrect? can you do that? can you engage in a dialogue about ideas?

all i am suggesting is that the problem is a little bigger than one street. i am all for community groups and involvement, but don't let the solution be part of someone else's problem. and you are kidding yourselves if you think it wont become someone else's problem. i have explained why in my earlier post.

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