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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2010 at 00:15:12

Quote from Jason:
"I still say we need to convert downtown Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek and Waterdown to 4 and 5 lane, one-way freeways with timed lights and urge trucks to use those streets. Watch how fast change would happen. Unfortunately, this blight largely only occurs (in it's one-way/timed lights fashion) downtown and as we all know, us losers downtown don't matter."

Too late Jason. Ancaster has already designated most of the old truck routes as No Truck Zones. I can't wait to see those Sykorskis over dropping goods over WalMart.

The area's roundabouts have also made truck traffic dangerous for both trucks & others sharing the roads. I'm not going to debate the effectiveness of traffic roundabouts in controlling traffic (Thank God for Stop Lights, or we'd never be able to get into traffic!)but goods do have to be delivered, even if Nobody wants heavy trucks on their streets.

So you'd have to get rid of the stores too? I thought we wanted more business' downtown? The Fortinos @ King & Dundurn is one of the few food stores in the area. The Credit Union in the same plaza is one of the few banks.

I agree that the 'system' that the King/Dundurn plaza has for big truck deliveries is frightening at times, when a truck blocks many lanes on a blind corner of King St.. That intersection can be terrifying for pedestrians to cross, but it's not just the trucks, it's the speed, & volume of traffic on a large one way inner city highway.

Dundurn carries way more traffic than it should, but part of the problem is the way geographically that Hamilton is set up, with not many roads leading in & out of the core. Those one way major roads put the delivery trucks onto smaller side streets to get to their destinations.

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