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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted May 21, 2010 at 08:04:59

Well, speaking of local deliveries ...

I enjoy a coffee and muffin at My Dog Joe on King West in Westdale before work some days - fresh coffee, bright sunlight, neighbours filtering past. It's predictably nice. Predictably not nice is the giant Sysco 18 wheeler which blocks my view every second visit, delivering buns and meat and such to the Subway next door.

Sysco sends a giant 18 wheeler to occupy three shop fronts while they deliver a few dolly loads of supplies because it's cheaper and because they can, not because the need to. If they had to, they would do the reasonable thing and send a smaller delivery truck - the kind most food-supply companies use.

Companies - like people (they are people) - adapt. They take advantage of opportunities ("let's send a giant truck to a little sub shop in a residential area because we can lower our costs") and they adapt to restrictions ("Ok, send a panel van and push the prices up a little bit when we renew our contract - we'll just blame it on they city").

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