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By jason (registered) | Posted May 21, 2010 at 09:04:44

ho hum. another day, another transport truck flying off the road in the middle of the night.

Anytime I'm on the 403 through Hamilton where the speed limit is 90km I'm always amazed at the transports doing 120-140. Barely able to navigate the curves, yet they keep on blasting through. I have to hold the wheel tight to make the curves at 115 and I'm not in a truck!

And of course, instead of dealing with the problem of unsafe driving, we hear all these stupid ideas from the Spec and city hall about how we need more traffic capacity in the west end to take the overflow when this happens. Great planning Hamilton. Let's now start making our neighbourhood planning choices based around the assumption that trucks will continue to flip over on the 403 and drive like speedsters. No point in city council or the Spec ever suggesting that trucks be banned from the left lane like in many other North American jurisdictions, or given a lower speed limit along with those speed inhibiting devices installed on the trucks. No sir, let's blame Westdale and west Hamilton for not having gobs and gobs of extra roadway just sitting empty so the trucks can keep breaking the law and causing chaos and we just brush it under the carpet for them.

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