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By Rene Gauthier (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2010 at 09:27:46

Well well well!

Leave you guys for 12 hrs and all hell breaks loose! Let's look at it on both sides.

The folks on Dundurn do have a legitimate concern. All those trucks going through a largely residential neighbourhood has a lot of catastrophic potential. And perhaps there will come a day when Dundurn will be closed off for a tragic reason. Nobody wants that to happen, but the indications are that the time bomb is still ticking and the that nothing has happened yet gives no one any solace, just more anxiety.

But here's the bind. First of all, historically that stretch of Dundurn was part of the former King's Highway 2. Secondly, how is a truck that has been diverted from downtown via Victoria/Wellington and Cannon/Wilson supposed to get on and off of Main/King? What choices are there?

Let's not forget the biggest challenge in moving anything around Hamilton. Our city is fraught with geological obstacles. If it's not the mountain, it's the creeks and bays around us.

One more thing here to understand folks. Debate is not a NIMBY issue, but the feeling of a dark cloud over the Dundurn area, wondering when fate will have its day and with whom? That is what is eating the residents the most. Unlike our rural counterparts, the situation is right there, in their faces every day.

This city needs new ideas on how to overcome these challenges, but moveover the city needs new leadership and new faces in city council that would be better suited to meet these challenges head-on.

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