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By Jen Dawson (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2010 at 12:16:44

@ all renditions of the jelly anonymous poster (I'm eagerly awaiting "jelly belly" let me tell ya):

I am with you regarding the need to take a holistic, overarching view of truck routes. It isn't fair to make one street's victory another street's nightmare and if I felt that Queen St. would suffer from accommodating some of Dundurn N.'s trucks, I wouldn't suggest it. Queen St. is in my neighbourhood, too. I'm also on the Strathcona Community Council Exec, and if we're successful in removing truck traffic from Dundurn N. and Queen St. N. is noticeably impacted, I'll be the first to start campaigning again.

It's unfortunate that in status quo Hamilton the holistic view holds no weight. We ultimately get to the bigger vision by hammering away at things, slowly gaining ground through a series of small victories. Is it the way I want it? No. Is it the way it is? Yes.

@ jelly’s barber specifically:

I do have to take issue with the "little Suzy" post, however. It sounds like you're suggesting my article is about rich versus poor, homeowners versus renters. I'd like to clarify: Dundurn St. N. is by no means "better" than Queen St. N. in terms of calibre of resident or quality of building stock. If you’ve walked the street, you’ll know that’s true. And simply because it has "street level residential" does not mean that everyone on Dundurn N. owns his or her home. Actually, the opposite is true. Many of the homes on Dundurn N. are duplexed, tri-plexed and quad-plexed.

In a way, the children at 44 Queen St. N. are more fortunate than the children living west of Dundurn N., since 44 Queen kids don’t need to cross Queen St. to get to Hess St. Elementary school and they have controlled intersections to help them cross major downtown streets safely.

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