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By Mikael (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2010 at 12:50:02

I guess trucking companies aren't particularly bright then, because there ARE 18-wheelers stuck in the late afternoon pile-up between Dundurn & York to King & Dundurn almost every day.

The pedestrian problem, which is bad enough due to the narrow sidewalks, is made worse due to a complete lack of working crosswalks. On the aforementioned stretch there is but one crosswalk at Lamoreaux, but it has no traffic lights or signage to back it up, and consequently no motorist cares outside of the hours the traffic guard is haplessly scrambling to get kids from west of Dundurn to school in one piece. Teaching my three kids how to jaywalk safely is a welcome learning opportunity, but I wish I could do it by choice rather than by necessity.

I'm no city planner, but it seems to me that the industrial areas around the Spec and the former Camco site would make an excellent hub for moving goods coming in by truck or train onto smaller vehicles for transport to local businesses (Dundurn Plaza, Westdale, etc).

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