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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2010 at 13:41:26

I assume that the residents of the area would have a better handle on it than I, but I'm in that area for several hours most days, frequently between 8:45 a.m. & 9:00. I'm in that intersection at least 4 times on the days that I'm downtown.

I think that your article ought to state that you are not talking about locally generated truck traffic, & not assume that we all know what you are speaking about. (When people mobilize, they have a tendency to assume that Everybody Knows what they have discussed within their group.)

I better get a lawn chair & a picnic cooler & just set for a day & count 18 wheelers.
: )

I have seen a few 18 wheelers on King St., not very many that I can recall on Dundurn, but you are right, most, if not all of them are on Dundurn North. Good luck getting some control over things! Yes, you ought to have a say in designating truck routes!

The student housing on Dundurn that is virtually Front Doors on the Sidewalk, is "newish", so why wasn't some consideration taken into account when they were built?

My whole family goes to the dentist & the accountant @ King & Dundurn. The sidewalks at that point don't seem any smaller that any others-? Do they get narrower further North?

The Tiny Timmy's on Dundurn N.(East side) not only discourages 'walk-in' customers, it manages to block the intersection with cars turning in & out of it's driveway. This creates chaos for pedestrians, & cars alike trying to cross that intersection or pass their drive-through entrance/exit. It's one of the worst set ups ever, & creates an ongoing hazard to everyone. Who allowed that to happen? Why does it not have a King St. exit/entrance? There is another Timmy's on the other corner. How many Timmy's do people need to fulfill their coffee & doughnut requirements?

The only big rig that is in that area with any frequency is the tanker delivering to the Pioneer Stn. on King @ Dundurn.
(One day there is going to be a huge explosion in that parking lot due to the tiny, very busy lot, a huge truck that overhangs the entrance, & large, fast traffic volume. That's something that you might want to consider too, esp since there are schools, stores, & a seniors' home very close to that gas station.)

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