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By frank (registered) | Posted May 25, 2010 at 10:03:12

Ted the problem with trucks is that if we build roads to handle them it's far more expensive than really necessary. In order for a road to handle truck traffic it's built differently than other roads. Roads in the city have no need to be one way and I believe the only reason they are is because people/politicians are afraid of change. Reducing the speed limit might be great however our city streets are supposedly 50km/h speed limits with timed lights at somewhere close to 65! Have you ever tried to go 50 on King or Main during busy times? It's pretty dangerous. Speed limits here aren't "limits" they're suggestions. In Europe, if a posted speed is the maximum it IS the maximum. I'd love to see speed cameras both listed and unlisted AT the speed limit (bet we'd be out of debt pretty quickly ;) ). I would love to see all 1 way roads switched to 2 way roads. I'd like to see ROW design changed to include full time parking lanes either side where necessary and boulevards where they aren't...

I drive Kenilworth Ave every day to get home. Want to know why it's still dead? The city allowing zoning changes so landlords (aka slumlords) can change storefronts to apartments without actually doing much work; 4 lane two way street with restricted parking at rush hours; property standards bylaws being forced to the limit; vacant properties with fences around them... Solution? Better bylaw enforcement, forbid changing storefronts to residential, put in full time parking lanes with bumpouts (metered if necessary) force absentee landowners to sell properties to investors and do some streetscaping...

Back to trucks... "if you build it they will come" that's a pretty well known quote right? it works the other direction as well - if you take it away eventually they will leave. So change Wellington and Wentworth to 2 way streets...same with King and Main, and give the streets a facelift. Make it far less profitable for haulers to use downtown streets in order to get places.

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