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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2010 at 01:59:59

Quote:"Speaking of Olympic Park and "nature, which is so important to Dundas," I've always been curious about what kind of remediation will be needed on the former Veldhuis lands on King East? Nurseries and greenhouses that were operational for a half-century, especially in the environmentally naive days of the mid-20th century, must surely have a legacy other than the Cactus Festival. Do we know what's in the soil/table water? "

I can tell you what's Not in the water anymore. The Trumpeter Swans that used to nest there every year, until the storage unit proposal reared it's head for that area.

I doubt that after years of nesting there, that chemical pollution caused them to leave. They & many of the other birds that used to nest there are just plain GONE. Only a few pairs of Canada Geese seem to be left.

Having an endangered species like the Trumpeter Swans nesting there might have caused problems for the developers. But now they are gone, I guess that's another hurdle surmounted?

Or another case of fallout from the Dundas Spencer Creek fire (Rat poison) from a few years ago that killed everything from the fire sight in Central Dundas to Cootes Paradise?
I think it's Very odd that no one seems to be asking what happened to these birds.

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