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By Gwyn Livingstone (anonymous) | Posted May 27, 2010 at 11:14:16

I agree that Kay Drage is far from hassle-free as a stadium site. It was enclosed with an eye to use as a sports pitch, which I believe it had been since the 1980s. It can handle the mobile mass of soccer players well enough, but the static mass of a 25,000-seat stadium build would probably require another round of remediation since you'd be building on a clay-capped dump (one that was household/commercial/industrial and which consequently contains PAHs, dioxins, furans and other delightful materials). Running service lines alone would be a treat, and possibly just as expensive as the Rheem remediation.

From ...

Cover Remediation - West Hamilton Landfill
Client: City Of Hamilton
Location: Hamilton, ON
Project Value: $2,313,000.00

AIM Environmental Group Inc. was awarded The Capping of Kay Drage Park, The West Hamilton Landfill, which included:

* Complete stripping of soil, roads and parking lots
* Removal of existing baseball diamond and soccer pitches
* Decommissioning of several large sewer lines using grout
* Place a one meter cap of approx. 100,000 tonnes of clay
* Replace roads, parking lots, landscaping and planting of trees
* Installation of slope protection and geo-textile fabric for erosion control
* Rebuild 2 new baseball diamonds and 3 soccer pitches

AIM was contracted to cap the landfill to prevent water from penetrating the surface and leaching through the old landfill into the watershed. The contour of the site was radically changed through the use of our laser-equipped dozers to ensure that positive drainage could be achieved and water would not pond on the landfill surface.

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