Comment 41170

By Gwyn Livingstone (anonymous) | Posted May 27, 2010 at 11:27:37

Cityjoe: "I think it's Very odd that no one seems to be asking what happened to these birds."

I agree. Maybe everyone is so starry-eyed over the OMB mechanism that they've forgotten about the food chain. After all, the death of marine wildlife can impact higher-order fauna like trumpeter swans. Chemicals, whether spilled or leached into adjacent bodies of water, can kill fish, frogs and insects that would otherwise provide a compelling reason to visit or even stay and raise a family. I have seen trumpeter swans in the Valley Inn Road area near the RBG and the old trestle bridge, so I doubt they've left the area altogether. Maybe they just don't like what the valley town's increasingly lifeless streams and ponds have to offer.

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