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By jason (registered) | Posted May 28, 2010 at 12:32:09

I am a suburbanite and I actually agree with Jason on this one.

Holy smokes! LOL. The reality is, there are plenty of people like you who live in the suburbs, yet want the best for downtown Hamilton. I applaud you for recognizing what's good for the city.

Should have heard some of the comments from people calling in on the Bill Kelly show this

Maybe I'll tune in tomorrow....not. Talk radio is what it is....clinging to life like much of the old media. If trucking companies are mad about changes to downtown Hamilton then that means we're finally doing something right!

Yeah, the cost of yellow paint is through the roof!!

Too funny.

It seems any improvements to the city stop at Mr Morelli's front door! Poor old Ward 3

Obviously residents there don't mind. They keep voting the same way decade after decade. And I'm not aware of many of them coming to the defense of the Pearl Company, which is trying to make what some of us would call improvements, in that area. I guess they like abandoned buildings over there.

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