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By Jarod (registered) | Posted May 28, 2010 at 12:47:58

I listen to talk radio (today I was at home so I got to watch it) because I think Hamilton is in need of some vast improvements in terms of its media. (not just the spec).

It's sad to say that there are so many advertising and information avenues that could be used, and yet, are not. I listen to these programs because other people are. And, were I to have access to a phone at work...and it wouldn't be delaying my work...I would love to call in to these programs.

At the end of the day you are right. These shows have their audience and it seems to be a good match for them. That said, it does not mean there is no opportunity to show the greater audience (of which nearly all will disagree with you...the caller...provided you are pro-whatever-is-going-on) that there are different ways of thinking. A lot of these people think they way they do simply because they haven't been given other options, or haven't been told that their way of thinking is not current or not city-focused. They tend to lean toward a selfish perspective because they only hear information regarding the topic from one source.

We are a privileged group who get to talk about these things on this site and discuss the ins and outs of what the information as a whole means. It would be awesome if more media were like this, don't you think? I know....rose colored glasses.

It was apparent that all the callers loved the fact that driving through Hamilton in less than 15 minutes was a good thing. They don't yet understand that this fact is not a good thing. Maybe because there aren't many people speaking up and telling them why.

That's all I was driving at.

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