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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted May 28, 2010 at 15:26:09

nobrainer: “Yeah, the cost of yellow paint is through the roof!! :P”

LOL. Was referring to the presumed need to resurface Wilson Street (along with numerous other ragged downtown streets, such as Cannon, which takes more than an overnight paint job unless the resurfacing is like having your driveway re-blacked). But with Harper choking off infrastructure stimulus, maybe some of the crap streets will stay potholed.

Jarod: “I listen to talk radio (today I was at home so I got to watch it) because I think Hamilton is in need of some vast improvements in terms of its media.”

That’s a hell of a protest... wanting steak so so badly that you gorge on pepperettes.

Talk radio is, for the most part, low-brow political theatre. Cross-Country Checkup is more mild-mannered than Bill Kelly’s show in part because it’s paid for by taxpayers. In a free market drive time slot, dimes to doughnuts Rex Murphy would be way more googly-eyed.

Hamilton media is also a monopoly culture mostly owned by Toronto-based corporations. Every market segment is served by one player, so everyone is very comfortable. But the Spec is probably quite happy to get the bump in traffic from RTH’s regular link love. And a city where more media were like RTH would be difficult if not impossible… it’s arguably the oppositional forces that give sites like RTH and The Hamiltonian the dramatic tension that makes them readable. Otherwise it’d be nerdy in-jokes about which patch of pesticide-free grass was greenest. The closer we get to Pleasantville, the more tepid that rose-coloured dialogue will become.

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