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By Pub Grub (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2010 at 17:00:42

What about James/John? The John South/North conversion has done relatively little to spur investment from what I can see. London Tap House is about the extent of the major investments on John South in the last 10 years. My-Thai debuted in that period as well, taking over a dormant retail space. But the excellent optician next to it vanished. Places like Affinity, Galaghers and Incognito have arrived in that time, replacing bars and restaurants that went before. Banko Media moved into the former Reggie’s music store and the former clubs next to the firehall have remained vacant save for a ballsy attempt at a grow-op. Liaison College high-tailed it for Jackson Square. Treble Hall sits vacant and crumbling, the neighbouring block essentially mothballed save for a methadone clinic and an internet cafe.

Compare that to the story on James from Augusta to Barton and you'll catch my drift. I mean, James North was doing decently okay before two-way... they had a beer store, a theatre, a huge record store, a couple of department stores, a semi-legendary Indian restaurant and a half-dozen wicked Portuguese eateries. James South of Augusta has gone through a peppermill of tenants but its vacancies are low. James Street's single biggest private investment would be Gowlings, and I suspect that (as with London Tap House) they were wooed more by the architecture than the traffic directionals. Some has been lost, some has been gained, but on balance James Seems to do better than John. Any theories as to why that is?

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