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By JeffTessier (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2010 at 23:11:00

I was in there yesterday to pay a parking ticket. It was at least clean, and looked fresh and sparkly, which I guess is to be expected given what's been done. I think the word I would use is "updated" - many older features retained, but given a good scrub and looking somehow new.

The counters at the "Service Centre" or whatever they call it now - is that marble, or faux marble? And were they always like that, does anyone know?

The building always had a lot going for it in terms of style - all the renovation committee had to do was not screw up what they inherited. And where they didn't screw it up, it looks better than ever!

Look for a photo of the renovated City Hall on the cover of the upcoming H Magazine. Although, there is a twist.

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