Comment 413

By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted April 02, 2006 at 02:34:08

Drive clean is a disaster, primarily because offending people is politically incorrect.

To make it work, it needs major restructuring, insisting that the changes are cost neutral.

For example:

1) doing tests based on previous statistics - buy a car with a history of high pass rate and drop the frequency down to every 5 years or something and/or delay first testing.

2) Test really bad engines every year, again based on history.(my nose tells me VW (gasoline) and chrysler minivans - but where are the real stats though? hidden for company privilege maybe?)

3)test more often as it gets older

4) no expiry age for vehicles (omitting those over 20 years old is just criminal)

5) 1-800-YOU-STNK rat line

6) portable sniffers / license cameras that send you a date with your garage if you drive by and set off the machine (triggering a free test of course)

But none of this will happen because common sense is dead.

The liberals will apply window dressing and lie about how great it is.

Conservatives will tell you more honestly that it doesn't work, therefore it should be scrapped.

Both are wrong.

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