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By John Neary (registered) | Posted May 30, 2010 at 22:43:36

Tnt: I read Jason's comment as being descriptive, not normative. So if you're trying to pin the "south end elitist attitude" on him, I think it's misplaced. If you're just saying that he described it well, fair enough. BTW, he lives north of King.

I guess the issue of two way conversion is really not about commercial success, because it doesn't have that much power.

I don't think the case for two-way conversion relies entirely on commercial success. Safety and comfort for pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and local motorists are equally if not more important. However, while Barton Street disproves the "convert Cannon to two-way and within six months it will be Rodeo Drive!" strawman, it is nevertheless true that two-way streets in Hamilton tend to be more vibrant than one-way streets, and there are good examples of commercial revival following two-way conversion. By contrast, I can't think of a single busy one-way street in our city that has any decent kind of street life.

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