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By Tybalt (registered) | Posted June 01, 2010 at 13:32:46

"I recall saying, out of frustration, that I wish they'd just knocked it down instead of butchering it. Truth is, I'm glad we have it and I'm glad we'll have it for decades to come."

I am glad too. City Hall is at the traditional low point in its lifecycle in terms of public perception of buildings. In 15-20 years the architecture of the period will begin to acquire the aura of a classic building - and then we will be very glad we have it.

"Now if only the city can manage to keep the facade clean and in good repair we won't have to go through this all again in 10 years."

YES UrbRen, this is absolutely the key. Concrete is susceptible (much more than marble) to sucking up dirt, grime, rust streaks and other mess that makes concrete buildings look filthy and depressing. It will be absolutely key with the concrete to make sure it stays clean and that cracks and holes (which concrete is also more prone to than stone) are repaired on a constant basis.

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