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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted June 02, 2010 at 08:31:27

I take the outré expedient of quoting myself ...

and ended up nervously shoulder checking for the whole ride over the bridge.

.. so that I can make mention of something that might not be obvious to non-cyclist readers of these threads: most Hamilton drivers are nice (to a fault sometimes) when it comes to cyclists ...

  • they very often move into the next lane to pass me
  • they give me plenty of room when we share a lane
  • they wave me through even when they have the right of way ∗
  • when I am stopped and signalling, they wait patiently to see what I'm going to do ∗ ∗

∗ which happens nearly daily and I really, really wish they would stop trying to be nice this way - it just introduced chaos for other drivers and if sometimes when I take the offered right-of-way I end up being scowled at or honked at by other drivers for being a selfish, anarchist, asshole cyclist.

∗ ∗ I've come to the conclusion that either a) no one knows their hand signals anymore or b) no one expects a cyclist to act rationally.

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