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By TreyS (registered) | Posted June 03, 2010 at 23:23:17

I want to add a comment back to the subject.

the 427 is the Spadina Expressway moved a few kilometers west. Yes?

The DVP already existed before the proposed Rouge freeway. Maybe im wrong on the name. But the N-S route between the QEW was already established via the 404. Another route was totally not needed.

I can't disagree that the 427 and the 404 didn't help downtown Toronto. I don't think anyone would think honestly think that downtown Toronto, with all its head offices, and financial towers and now commuter nests would honestly think that if the Gardiner Expressway wasn't there, that all these other things would still be there.

No. It's that they don't CUT through it all. 401, 404, 427, QEW surround downtown Toronto. I'm not making any judgement other than the fact that those four highways do surround downtown Toronto. Try and buy a house within those four highways and see what its costs versus a house outside. Those highways define what we now know as Toronto. Anything beyond is suburb. That's not me making it up, it's true. white me out

Downtown Toronto is brilliant, in that it has created a myriad of highways surrounding the most valuable land in Canada. The fact that Toronto kept the inner highway circumference with transit and kept the building density is what has made one of North America's greatest cities.

On the other hand. Its success also makes it one of NA most expensive cities to live in. Chicago is a great example. Toronto is not Canada's New York, It is Canada's Chicago. Montreal is Canada's New York. Another topic.

Which brings me to why is Hamilton the Greatest City to Raise a Child? The first answer is affordability. That is great. So long as those parents work in the public sector now Hamilton's largest employer your child will do fine. A father working at Hamilton Health Sciences and a mother working the Hamilton School Board, that child will do wonderful. Probably better than most in the country.

40 years ago we had a father working at Stelco and a mother if she was working maybe at Canadian Glass, or Camco, or Firestone, but she didn't need to work to make the bills, the one income was enough from a good private manufacturer to pay a family to meet its means. That child was considered the best to raise a in Canada. It just needed not be said. Because it was true. Two or one parent working for a private manufacturer. Today, if two parents work for as a government employer.

It's just interesting to me. I'm not making any judgement or value calls about socialism or capitalism or one or two parent incomes over the past generation or two. I'm simply pointing out some facts that are interesting. Do with them as you please. So please.... stay with me... im almost done....

So here we are.... Ryan's brilliant essay, about city planning 70 years ago. And Hamilton has done what? What exactly has Hamilton done to support this essayist's thesis and supporting references>?/ Nothing . The opposite actually. Maybe that's why Hamilton has gone in the opposite direction of Toronto. There was a time when Hamilton seriously rivaled Toronto as Ontario's first city.

It was at a time when critical decisions were made in terms of city planning. Are we in a time of critical decision making as a city? That's up to us.

There is a saying that goes, "people get what they deserve". and "if you always do, what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got".

Hamilton, do you want what we have now, or do we deserve something better? We got and we deserve something better.

Note Campaign speeches requests can be mailed to this poster anon bc this poster loves Hamilton and wants to believe that this is the best city in Canada to do anything

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