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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted June 15, 2010 at 19:01:47

Ok, there are either lack of stop signs for 4 way (Charlton/Walnut)...this is Bratina's jurisdiction
..funny east of this where school is less pedestrian traffic
yet 4 way stop signs...I will post pics later and vids on this
when I can.
On the whole....there are simply FAR TOO MANY cars/traffic as
we must stop to think the cause of much of road problems
pot holes, cracks, speed bumps(created by traffic) and poor road
repairs and many skipped(?)...
I believe "round abouts" work but we need MORE BIKE LANES smoothed and cleared frequently for safety all yr round...
All in all I must say the roads are getting worse & worse & worse &....
takes lot longer to commute avoiding potholes, bumps, cracks as well as traffic awareness.
Why are so many intersections mostly for traffic over pedestrians/cyclists then light changes in few seconds???
Or no lights just try cross intersection but there's always a car left or right...

they definately need a bridge/overpass for cyclists I waited over 5 minutes few times to cross(??!!)...traffic exiting to York Blvd in several examples.........

And where or when the HECK did this garbage drivers rule over all????

B.S.! BIG TIME!...

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