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By jason (registered) | Posted June 22, 2010 at 17:49:10

I hate to say it but I ride the bus less now than I used to. I just started walking's quicker than waiting for full buses to pass by every 30 minutes in the evening and with garbage connections to boot. If the HSR is happy with a crappy product, I'm reluctantly forced to find another way around.

While on the NYC subway last week I was impressed to see our train pull into a station and the driver announce a 60 second wait for another line to pull in and allow people to transfer. Sure enough, 60 seconds later a train pulls into the opposite side of the platform and about 10 people got off and came directly on our train.

Yes, 10 people. In Hamilton I've seen buses pulling away from the Gore at the same moment that others are pulling in. Riders run like heck to catch the departing buses to no avail.
There's no cohesive scheduling, no convenient routing on many routes, a purely trashy internet presence and NO smart phone app, real-time arrive/departure time service. And don't even talk about evening service.

I'm glad the city installed LED lights and a green roof on City Hall. They need to be as energy efficient as possible to make up for all the people they are leaving with no choice but to drive around town.

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