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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted June 22, 2010 at 22:09:09

Yes, 10 people. In Hamilton I've seen buses pulling away from the Gore at the same moment that others are pulling in. Riders run like heck to catch the departing buses to no avail. There's no cohesive scheduling, no convenient routing on many routes, a purely trashy internet presence and NO smart phone app, real-time arrive/departure time service. And don't even talk about evening service.

Yep. I've ended up spending gas to drive kids to high school (after having shelled out for transit passes) because of HSR nonsense-- buses coming early, buses coming late, buses driving by and not picking up people waiting at the stop. Anyone remember that kerfuffle awhile back about HSR drivers not stopping at bus stops because the people waiting at the bus stop didn't step out and flag them down? It had something to do with drivers complaining about not knowing if the people waiting at the stop wanted that bus or another bus that shared that part of the route- never heard that one in all my years in TO, as annoying as TTC service can be at times.

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